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Boring creativity: where to look for inspiration?

We don’t get bored anymore… or maybe we can’t get bored anymore? 
The state of boredom is so natural and almost so innate to our everyday lives, that we don’t usually accent our attention on it. Moreover, most of us, I believe, would be surprised to discover that the word itself only entered language with  Charles Dickens’ Bleak House in 1852. In fact, not so many research works were done on this topic either.  But I believe that capability of being bored is of utmost importance for a person. However, nowadays with the development of technology, digital media and consequently more sophisticated entertainment sector, we don’t really have a chance to get bored. Just recall yourself when you got bored recently and instantly searched for a gratification by watching  TV shows, movies or playing games on your smartphone or tablet. How long did the state of boredom last? In other words, every time we feel bored we try to fill the “emptiness” immediately instead of accepting and appreciating it. Yes, I totally believe that we should embrace our boredom. Because actually, it’s another way we could unleash our abilities to think creatively and discover new “horizons” due to our curiosity. As some psychologists and neuroscientists say, “Boredom stops us ploughing the same old furrow, and pushes us to try to seek new goals or explore new territories or ideas”. Curiosity can sometimes hurt us, but it also can increase innovation. We shouldn’t fear of being bored because it lets our mind to find stimuli internally within our thoughts. Thus leading to more creative and associative ways of thinking. Simply, we are put in a situation where we have to entertain ourselves without the help of external stimuli. Moreover, without the capacity for boredom, then, humankind may have never achieved its technological and artistic heights. 
 Moreover, without the capacity for boredom, then, humankind may have never achieved its technological and artistic heights. 
So what? 
It’s totally up to a person whether he chooses to eliminate the aversive feeling of boredom by immediate gratification on smartphone or laptop, or instead of that he could let his mind wander and question whether there are more serious, long-term issues causing his boredom. And who knows where his curiosity will take him. Long story short, just let yourself get bored (like for a real) sometimes and just embrace it! 

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